bibxml2rfc: a bibliography tool for xml2rfc

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After all my complaining about the xml2rfc bibliography system, I decided to do something about it. I thought for a while about hacking xml2rfc itself, but after spending a while reading the crufty tcl code in xml2rfc, I decided it might be easier to do a secondary bibliography management tool in the style of bibtex.

There are two tools:

  • bibxml2rfc: the bibliography manager. It runs through the XML file, finds everything that looks like a reference, and the builds a pair of bibliography files (one for normative and one for informative) for inclusion into your XML file. It automatically fetches reference entries for RFCs and Internet Drafts. You can use ordinary XML inclusion techniques so you don't need to modify the XML file reference section when the bibliography changes.
  • bibxml2rfc-merge: a tool to make merged files for submission. The Internet Drafts submission tool won't accept a bunch of separate XML files, so bibxml2rfc-merge merges them into one for submission. You don't need this for your ordinary work.

The source can be found at: Documentation for bibxml2rfc can be found at


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