Savage Lovin'

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In this installment of EG career day, I give sex advice. Every year The Stranger runs a charity auction and this year I bought the right to be Savage Love's guest expert. So, last week I flew up to Seattle, met with Dan, and picked out some questions to answer.

Here's me with Dan Savage:

(Sorry about the low quality... it was taken with my iPhone.)

My so-called advice runs in The Stranger this week and in other papers next week and can be found here.

Last time on EG career day, I made burritos.

UPDATE: Props to Jon Peterson, who did the actual eBay bidding for this item.


Savage is only 34? Man that dude is not aging well.

Yeah, bullshit he's 34. Check out Wikipedia -- he's 43. But he rocks, nonetheless.

Hey, your advice was great! kudos!

Thanks for the props, Eric!

Haha! I saw you in our office and you & Dan even popped into our meeting in the conference room. Funny that I had your site bookmarked without even knowing you were connected through the auction. I guess I'm not saying much but Hi and Job Well Done!

I know this is a weird way to meet my future brother-in-law, but I couldn't resist the urge to tell you that I woke up to an email from a friend this morning titled "is Michael related to Eric Rescorla?" Apparently you've turned Michael into a celebrity-by-association among my friends who read Savage Love. I look forward to eventually meeting you, getting good advice from you, and watching you and Michael bond over Purell. ms

Hey, you should go out for the sex column for the New York Press. Your column comes out the same day that their column starts up, only to discover that their columnist has secretly plagiarized Savage. You'd be a shoe-in.

Neat, if temporary, sideline :)

Fine work on Savage Love. It will never get that technical again. By the way, it was really hot when my daughter walked in on me looking at porn this Christmas.

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