How to control your permalinks in MT4

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In the comments, Dave B. asks:
Can you share your solution, please? 'Not the world's most intuitive UI' is being _very_ polite! That change has smashed hundreds of my inbound links ... but damned if I can find the place to set the dirify defaults ... :-(

Glad you asked.

Go to "Design | Templates | Archive Templates | Individual Entry Archive". At the bottom is a pulldown labelled "Archive Mapping". It's probably set to yyyy/mm/entry-basename.html. Apparently this is a schematic representation of the names. If you change it to yyyy/mm/entry_basename.html (note substitution of underscore for hyphen) you'll get underscorified permalinks. Totally intuitive, eh?


Thanks for posting the 'fix' ... All I can assume from their lack of documentation is that they are trying to 'encourage' users of their software to purchase the support package ...

This actually, is a bit too late for me; after spending (wasting!) an entire day trying to work with the MT4 update, I've gone back to MT3. The 'upgrade' broke the permalinks, it broke comment entry, it broke my templates ... Combine all that crap with the awful interface on the Edit Entry page (impossible to view Body and Extended together / drop down menus that drop down as you navigate around the page and then stick in place / a ridiculous style sheet that looks like it was designed for kindergarten kids / non-adjustable textareas ...) ... No thanks ...

But anyway, thanks for letting us know about the fix!

(On Preview .. Hah! I have bad news for you ... your comment preview processing is broken the same way. Get ready for a _long_ day working it all out! :-(

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