Forget net neutrality, how about hard drive neutrality?

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You know, I never thought that I would never need to worry about hard drive neutrality. When I first heard about this I just sort of assumed it would be something vaguely sensible that people were overreacting to, but no, when you go to the site it sure seems to be true.
Due to unverifiable media license authentication, the following file types cannot be shared by different users using WD Anywhere Access.

If these file types are on a share on the WD My Book World Edition system and another user accesses the share, these file will not be displayed for sharing. Any other file types can be shared using WD Anywhere Access.

The list includes: MP3, AVI, WMA, AAC, etc. Outstanding!


Even more ridiculous is that it apparently does do this by file extension; any bucket mime type will work, as would something like a zip file.

Well, this isn't as much hard drive neutrality as it is "neutrality of the online sharing service that comes bundled with your hard drive that allows you to access your fileshares even when you are not at home", right?

AFAIK you can still utilize all of those file types when you are directly connected to the box on your LAN.

It sounds like this is perhaps: (a) a thinly-veiled attempt to control bandwidth usage, and (b) possibly a way to limit their exposure and requirement to comply with DMCA notices.

On the plus side, the free market is likely to kill this product dead in its tracks. Who wants a 1TB drive which can't store media files in a useful way?

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