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Sorry about the posting outage. My laptop died (yes, I have a backup of the data) and it took me a while to get another machine prepped and usable.

I'm also now in the market for a new laptop and may finally go Mac this time. They're incredibly heavy, though. I hear rumors that maybe finally this time they'll give us a subnotebook. Any readers want to share?


We had a Mac notebook purchase planned for mid-December, but decided to put it off until after Macworld based on the rumors of a subnotebook. The sightings rumor here:

was part of the more convincing set, but there is a whole roundup of the rumors here:

I don't believe the "full touchscreen" rumors, but the basic "slimmer, lighter" versions make sense for a company that makes so much of its computer sales in the notebook range.

Everything right now are rumors, just like all of the other products from Apple. You have no idea exactly whats going to be at Macworld.

For all we know what will come out will be a yellow submarine ipod. Idea from Merlin Mann on MacBreak Weekly.

I'm very happy with the vanilla cheapo MacBook. ITs not super light, but its light, portable, and the screen is gorgeous.

Not to mention, its relatively cheap.

I have the black vanilla mac book. It has been just excellent and really outperforms the 12" PB G4 it replaces in all but two ways: it is larger and has no GPU. I'm really attached to the 12" and under form factor, and although I love the MacBook I would wait to see if a new 'small' MacBook arrives.

The other criticism that I have is that the integrated graphics are noticeably inferior to the GE Force-whatever was in the last 12" PowerBook. I'm not a heavy graphics user, but you can see issues with performance of some things (Aperture, etc) when using the integrated chipset. Not enough to make me avoid the 13" MB, but I would hope that the new sub-sized Apple is from the Pro lineup and will have a true GPU.

I use a white 13" MacBook. It is not heavy at all, and runs fast enough for all my typical needs. The battery lasts quite long even when running wireless. I have had this one for 15 months and don't plan to upgrade it until after the mid-summer speed bumps, at the earliest. (Never buy a computer in a new form factor from *anyone* for the first three months unless you are a gambler.)

I figured Paul would give the First Generation Hardware Warning. Now, I tend to be a gambler, and I'm currently typing on a first generation MacBook Pro and I carry a first week iPhone, neither of which I have any problem with.

I miss the light weight of my Thinkpad X31. But I personally don't miss Windows.

If I were in the market for a machine, I would wait until after Macworld. Speculation is rampant, but I wouldn't be surprised at a refresh of the current machines for a speed / architecture evolution, or the possibility of a subnotebook (which has been rumored for years, and no one has any real information about).

I also might look hard at an Ubuntu Dell. It's no OS X, but it's light and Not Windows. In that case, they're one version behind (Feisty, not Gutsy), but I hear that upgrades work fine.

By the way, I'm not supportive of Windows for purely practical reasons that center around my command-liney way of life and tinkering with lots of different software and technologies.

And the only reason I got a Macbook Pro instead of a Macbook is because it was the only thing offered when I bought it. Also, after the Macbooks came out, it was the only thing that would drive a 30" Apple Cinema Display, which may not be the case any longer. I bought my wife a Macbook and I like the smaller form factor better.

I have bee considering getting a tablet PC. At this point I only use the laptop for surfing, email and writing the occasional document on a plane. I have to have at least a 30" screen for most other work.

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