Preliminary iPhone info for YVR IETF

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If you're an American with an iPhone or are just crazy enough to use AT&T as your wireless carrier, you may be wondering how much you're going to get gouged to use your phone in Canada. The answer is: a lot.

  • Basic per-minute rate is $.79.
  • For $3.99/month you can bring this down to $.59
  • There are two data plans available: 20MB for $29.99/month and 50MB for $59.99/month. I wasn't brave enough to ask what the roaming data rate was if you didn't do this, but I imagine it's insane.
  • You can turn off Edge data when roaming in Settings|General|Network. Actually, this seems to be the default.

Welcome to Canada!


If you unlock the phone, can't you put in a local sim and use the wifi for data?


T-Mobile charges $0.49/minute for voice without any special plan. I think you can bring it down with a per-month additional fee, but I haven't looked into it.

On the other hand, data costs $0.01/kb, which would be $205 for 20 MB or $512 for 50 MB. There doesn't appear to be any way to reduce this to reasonable charges upon casual investigation.

Seeing the simple phrase "$0.01/kb" reminded me of the Verizon stupidity:

Jarrod: yep, me too. T-Mobile actually strives for exceptional clarity here by also quoting the price as "$10.24 per MB" further down on the same page.

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