Web traffic school recommendations?

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I'm looking for a Web-based traffic school for a ticket received in Palo Alto. Have any readers investigated the options and want to share their experiences?

UPDATE: Apparently the only online traffic school you can use in Santa Clara County is DriversEd, which annoyingly requires you to take an in-person test at the end of the class. Has anyone done this? Trying to figure out if it's enough of a pain to make just taking the points attractive.


I did take the course and the in-person test. You can take the in-person test at any UPS store, which is pretty convenient. Frankly, clicking, reading, then waiting a minute or two until the time runs out was much more annoying than taking the test.

Is the test at all difficult? I wouldn't want to have to learn anything!

The test isn't difficult, although there are always the "How many feet do you need to stop before X" questions that you probably won't know unless you looked over the answers once.

One hint: the DriversEd course has a quite annoying timer that won't let you go to the next page until you've been at the current one a preset amount of time (different for each page based on length). Download one of the FF extensions that lets you do real-time HTML editing of the current page, and remove the Javascript timer check call from the onSubmit. You have to do it for each page but overall it's a time saver.

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