POTS on crack

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A friend sent me this rant from an unsatisfied VoIP user:
I also have had problems with instabilty of the soft client as currently configured. My soft client just stops working or crashes entirely and won't close. So I end up killing it in Task Manager. Sometimes I can relaunch it. Usually I have to reboot.

That's not to say that you would have the same experience. While the system is not beta, my deployment is still part of a pilot, the purpose of which is to shake out such things. In my case the problem could be the soft client. Or something to do with Windows. Or a conflict with another application.

My favorite crash appears in the image below. This is my phone on crack. The outline of the soft client appears, but with a Microsoft Word document inside it. That happened while I was on a call. How do you hang up a call when you see can't see the controls? Fortunately, my head set has a button on it to hang up without relying on the soft client. But I had to reboot the machine to get the soft client - and my phone service - back runnning again. That's a pain in the neck.

In case you care, it's the Siemens client he's using.


Uh, yeah, he's already got two strikes against him by using Windows and using a soft client. Put a Cisco phone on his desk and most of his problems will magically evaporate. Note the "most" in the preceding statement. :-)

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