Mission Impossible locked room mysteries

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OK, so I'm watching Mission Impossible and I've got some questions (spoilers follow after the break.)
  • What's the point of an expensive computer that's kept in a locked, alarmed, room where only one technician can use it?
  • When Tom Cruise is breaking into said vault by handing from the ceiling, Jean Reno is obviously holding him up and eventually drops him. Is there some reason he's not using a locking belay device such as a GriGri, which require no effort to use.
  • At the end of the scene, Jean Reno accidentally drops his knife into the room. One question: it's a lockback folding knife. Why is it open? Is he thinking of cutting Tom Cruise's rope?

Oh, and what's with the floppy disk that has a homing device? Cruise tells his contact that the disk has a transmitter, but they insist on booting it up. What, you've never heard of a Faraday cage?


Uhh, you want to try THINKING during a movie best described as "Mission Implausible"?

That seems a recipe for a headache.

A friend said it best:

"Mission Impossible did the impossible: it was both predictable and confusing."

Your point 1 isn't the dumbest thing about the computer system and its security. Here're my comments on it, from last August:

The short summary:
The security system knows that there's no one in the room. So why did it let Tom Cruise log in with the stolen password?

Didn't Reno use the knife to kill a rat (hence letting go of the rope)?

Agreed with previous commenters, though, trying to find sense in this movie is a recipe for madness.

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