Huber brothers speed record on the Nose

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Check out this fairly impressive video of the Huber brothers setting the aided speed record (though with a lot of free and unprotected free climbing) of 2:45 for the Nose of El Capitan on October 8, 2007 (þ Eu-Jin Goh).

More video here.


Big deal. They could have done the same climb way, way faster, if only they'd had the sense to choose the opposite direction.

Isn't that the climb that took 300 bolts and 30 days when Batso Harding did it?

Correcting myself, The Nose was originally done as a siege climb, 47 climbing days spread over about 2 years. It was the Dawn Wall that Harding and Dean Caldwell did in one 27-day push. The second ascent of that route partially "erased the route" (most of the bolts were removed). The Dawn Wall, too, has been speed-climbed.

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