Magid on 8830 vs. iPhone... huh?

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In his article explaining why he would rather have a Blackberry 8830 than an iPhone, Magid writes:
In the iPhone's place, I'm now using a BlackBerry 8830 that I borrowed from Sprint, and I have to say that, on balance, I prefer it to the iPhone. I miss the iPhone's great Web browser and the way it implemented Google maps, but I'm much happier with the true 3G network from Sprint and BlackBerry's physical keys. I find myself typing messages on the BlackBerry and making fewer mistakes, though I do miss the iPhone's software that corrects mistakes as you type.

The biggest difference is Sprint's true 3-G broadband network which is not only faster but seems to work in more places. And, unlike the iPhone, the BlackBerry is able to display Word files, PDFs and some other attachments, making it a lot more practical to use to review business documents.

Obviously, everyone has their own opinion about whether they like the on-screen keyboard or not, but this stuff about PDFs and Word files is just wrong. The iPhone will display both Word and PDF files. Kind of hard to take the rest of Magid's comments seriously when he gets something like this wrong.


Having not used the iPhone, I don't know, so I'm asking: Can the iPhone display the content of Word and PDF attachments to email? (That is, it's possible that it can display such files when they're on their own (or linked on a web site), but not as part of email.)

I have the opposite problem with my obsolete T-Mobile Sidekick II (that I still use because the service plan us incredibly cheap). It can view Word and PDF files attached to email, but not when linked from webpages.

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