Wait, you're not asking for ID?

| Misc Security: Airport
I recently renewed my driver's license. Normally you can just renew my mail but after you've had two renewals by mail you have to go back into the DMV (carrying the form they send you). There seem to be two purposes here:
  • Make sure you can still see.
  • Get an updated picture.

Here's the weird part: they didn't check my current license (though as I remember, the form they send you say you need to bring it). They just took my money, checked my vision (in that order, which is also kind of weird) and then gave me the provisional license printout. You then walk over to a different window where they take your thumbprint and picture.

Assuming this is standard practice, and not just an error by the clerk, then attacker who pulled the form out of your mail, could just walk in and complete this process. In theory, they might catch you by comparing your existing biometrics (photo, thumbprint) against the newly captured biometrics. I don't know if they do that or not, but it seems like it would be relatively easy to bypass: people's looks change a lot in 15 years and while thumbprints don't change, there are also known techniques for cheating thumbprint scanners--assuming they check this stuff at all.

Obviously, if you went to the DMV and found someone else had already renewed your license, that might be something you'd notice, but it's not clear what the State would do about it. The wrong person would still have an ID in your name. There's no normal procedure for revoking driver's licenses. This isn't catastrophic, of course, unless you have some system that depends on positive identification of people, like say, a no-fly list.1

1. And of course if the person who's identity you were stealing was cooperating, then they wouldn't even have to report it. This doesn't make sense ordinarily, but you could use it to exchange the identity of someone who was on a no-fly list for a plant who was not.