Rumsfeld, resignation, and commitment

Rumsfeld apparently submitted his resignation before the 2006 midterm elections. This is getting spun as Rumsfeld not resigning as a result of the midterms, for instance:
WASHINGTON — Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld did not resign as a result of dramatic Republican losses in the U.S. Congress during last November's midterm election; it turns out he was ready to go ahead of the final tally.

Perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, Rumsfeld, who's largely faulted for mistakes and miscalculations relating to the Iraq war, signed his letter of resignation from the Bush administration the day before the Nov. 7 election, FOX News has confirmed.

His decision was not announced until a day after the voting. President Bush apparently didn't put his initials on the letter until Election Day, Reuters first reported Wednesday.

I'm not sure this spin makes much sense. First, it was pretty clear on Nov. 6 that the Democrats were going to win the House. The major question was whether they would win the Senate. So, even before the results were in, the election was going bad for the Republicans.

Second, thinking like a security guy, we don't know what would have happened if the Republicans had performed better than expected. Maybe Bush would have just torn up the resignation letter. Remember that Rumsfeld had offered to resign before and Bush had refused to accept it, so the decision ultimately rests with the President. For all we know, Rumsfeld signed a new pro forma resignation letter every day, but we just heard about the one Bush finally accepted. Obviously, that's unlikely, but the mere existence of a pre-election letter doesn't tell us much.