Heads-up: AT&T Billing Issues

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I was going over my first iPhone bill this morning and noticed something interesting: they don't seem to be reliably billing in-network calls as mobile-to-mobile. One of my friends has an iPhone and so of course he has AT&T and we should be getting free mobile-to-mobile minutes, but we're not.1 I've called AT&T customer service and they say they're working on it. You may want to check your own bill.

1. Note: you have to be careful reading your bill because on nights and weekends, the minutes get billed as NW, not M2M. But I'm getting these minutes billed as daytime minutes as well.


Holy class action, batman! I bet a lawyer somewhere is salivating.

Could his iPhone be set up as a GoPhone? That may not count as in-network.

So I've been doing a little research into my own bill on the "unlimited M2M calling" stuff. Sometimes, it looks like I'm getting M2M free calls when calling non-AT&T customers, for example I have a call to a number with 408-202 being given M2M rate, and that prefix is registered to Verizon, not AT&T/Cingular, according to this: http://www.telcodata.us/telcodata/telco

Can you look up the area code/prefix for your friend's iPhone and see how it's listed?

Dom: no, it's not a go-phone.

Craig: Interesting theory. The number in question is a ported T-Mobile #, and it is listed as T-Mo. But you'd think they'd be able to check against their own database of #s.

Interesting. Maybe if the number was ported only recently (like, when he got the iphone), there's a DB update which hasn't propagated to the billing system yet. My number, ported from a landline many years ago, shows correctly on my wife's cell bill as "M2M".

In general, this number portability thing has got to be a complete nightmare for the telcos, for all these border reasons like this. I've actually found it can be confusing for humans too. My 650-851 prefix on my cellphone confuses everyone in woodside/portola valley who are used to that prefix as being a local landline. My wife works with the town of P.V. a lot, and they're always calling my cellphone to reach her, because it's 650-851 and they assume it must be our home phone #...

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