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Why are twist-off beer caps often so hard to twist-off? It doesn't help that the corners of the crimp are sharp and dig into your hands—maybe you could coat them with plastic or something. Listen up, folks: I shouldn't have to wrap the cap in my shirt in order to get it open; and if I have to resort to an opener, like I did with my otherwise quite nice Full Sail LTD we've completely missed the point of the twist-off.


Hear, hear! I've been thinking the same thing myself.

I just keep a topper popper in my backpack, considering it "essential gear".

(btw, if I use my Berkeley dot edu email addr. it says, "Your comment was denie for questionable content." ... ah, I suppose stanford dot edu would be ok?)


No, seriously... this kind of thing sucks... what sucks more? When a brewer goes from using twist off for many, many years to non-twist-off!!! That really hurts because you're trying your best and then you realize that it's not twist-off anymore... this recently happened with Sierra Nevada.

One of my favorite minor party tricks is opening a twist-off by setting the beer on a table, pressing down on the cap with my forearm, and twisting my arm and the beer in opposite directions.

Once (and only once) I made the mistake of believing that I could open a twist-off by holding it in the crook of my elbow. I quickly discovered how wrong I was, but not without acquiring some scrapes.

That same trick can be done with other body parts:


So, what's wrong with using your shirt every time? That method works much better than judging whether or not you will need your shirt by hurting your hand first.

The edges of the cap are sharp and can tear your shirt.

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