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Until today I had been unaware that the Canadian Dollar had passed parity with the US Dollar. The Canadian Dollar is now at 0.946074 US Dollars. Maybe I'll have to take back those peso jokes I made a few years back.

UPDATE 20070804 OK, this post was completely wrong. Someone had told me that the CAD had passed USD and then I somehow misread the results from the exchange site. Still, we're getting scarily close.


The Canadian Dollar hasn't (yet) passed parity. One U.S. Dollar gets you 1.05 Canadian Dollars (having fallen from about 1.6 in 2003).


It's possible that the rate and fee used by some credit card or bank already did pass parity. For example, paying a C$10 bill with an American card could cost US$10.20 after a 2% + 50ยข fee.

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