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The IETF Social was held Tuesday night at the House of Blues which is, as we all know, the hippest place in Chicago. Anyway, I'm there eating my pulled pork sandwich when some guy dressed in a cop uniform gets up on stage and announces that there are some dangerous fugitives in the audience, apparently dressed like uh, Hasidic diamond merchants. OK, OK, Dan Aykroyd owns the place so a little tribute sort of has to be expected, but then next thing I know the MC is announcing Cab Calloway, who, when I look over, appears to be somewhat younger, fatter, and less dead than I remembered him. He, of course, sang Minnie the Moocher.

This was followed by two vaguely Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi looking guys in dark suits singing what I believe to be the Blues Brothers set from the Palace Hotel Ballroom on the shores of Lake Wazzapamani. Now, I bow to few in my admiration for the genius of The Blues Brothers (27 years old now!), but when exactly did House of Blues cross over the line between tribute and parody?


you left too early. It got weirder. They did the
"shout!" song from Animal House (you know, the
one sang by Otis Day and the Knights? "a little
bit softer now, a little bit softer now....").
Then the John Belushi character put a sombrero on
his head and lead a conga line through the

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