Warning: don't eat the yellow cheese

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Seeing as I was in the mood for gourmet dining experience, Terence and I repaired to Choix Frais. Everything was quite normal until we got to the steam trays with the pasta, etc. And there I saw it: a tray full of macaroni, a tray full of tortilla chips, and there, between them, a tray of fluorescent goop labelled cheddar cheese sauce. A closer inspection revealed the awful truth: the macaroni was labelled something like "macaroni and cheese" and the tortilla chips "build your own nachos". This was dual-use cheese sauce!

Ever the connoisseur of the disgusting, I figured it was time to give it a shot. I piled up some tortilla chips, poured the sauce over top, and then headed back to my table with water glass at the ready. Terence and I steeled ourselves and each took a chip. It wasn't the most disgusting thing I've ever had, but honestly, it was pretty bad. The first taste is vaguely like cheese, or rather, cheez [Terence says salt + cheetoey acidity], even reminescent of cheddar, but then there's this weird starchy taste/texture that's presumably some thickening or other texture modifying agent (it feels a little like a fast food milkshake) [Terence says: something that melts above body temperature]. Then, after you've finished you keep getting this horrible syntho-cheese aftertaste.

We weren't brave enough to try it on the macaroni.


How did it compare with that bean-based (or was it peanut-based?) "dessert" substance at that Mongolian grill in Bellevue?

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