Fellow members of the doucheoisie, we salute you

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Via Matthew Yglesisas, here's this quite entertaining study of douchebaggery:
I'm waiting for a friend at a wine bar and I see that the guy a couple of stools down from me keeps ostentatiously checking the late-model smartphone that lies before him on the granite countertop. He has the all-black Samsung BlackJack, which happens to be the coolest-looking smartphone there is —at least until the iPhone comes out—and he's wearing jeans that look like they cost $400, and his haircut was probably half that. I also notice that he's got an expensive- looking European leather briefcase at his feet that he no doubt calls an attache.

I'm thinking, what a douchebag.

And then I think, wait a second. I'm here, at this wine bar, just as he is. And frankly, when the iPhone does come out, I intend to get it (even though it's slated to cost more than $500) to replace the Treo I'm currently carrying. (Also: I really should check my e-mail right now.) And I'm due for a (quasi-expensive) haircut, in fact. And where's the freaking bartender already? And . . . and . . . and . . . am I a douchebag? I have met the enemy, and he is . . . me?

[Checks self]

OK, I don't drink wine, my "haircut" is courtesy of Mr. Mach 3 and runs about $.50/each time, but I have a Treo and may well buy an iPhone. So far so good...