When do I get the bar on my A380?

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Watching Flightplan (sort of the Jodi Foster version of Nightmare at 20000 Feet) which takes place on the "new E474", which seems to be an A380. Like all newfangled megasuperhyperjumbo aircraft it appears to be configured with a lounge complete with a wet bar. No doubt you've seen artists conceptions of the A380 configured the same way. It's of course true that the A380 has room for such amenities, but then so did the 747. In reality, of course, by the time you're actually allowed on the A380, they'll probably have removed the seats entirely so you can travel freeze dried and packed in a cardboard box.


I do agree with you about the bar, a full bar on the airplane would be great. It would be especially great when your flight is delayed for 3 hours, but they board you anyway "because they need the gate for the next flight".

However, I can't read about Flightplan without mentioning that its one of the worst movies ever made.

There actually were lounges in some flown configurations of the 747. When Qantas ran them, they were call "Captain Cook Club". PanAm also ran dedicated lounges. This was all pre-deregulation, of course, and (maybe more importantly) while smoking was allowed on airlines.

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