Two cheers for universal service

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Hillary Clinton is pushing some sort of rural broadband service plan:

The Rural Broadband Initiatives Act. This legislation will extend and improve access to broadband services in small towns across America. It creates a policy and action framework to ensure that the federal government employs an effective and comprehensive strategy to deploy broadband service and access in the rural areas of the United States. The bill will also establish a Rural Broadband Innovation fund to explore and develop cutting edge broadband delivery technologies to reach underserved rural areas. The Rural Broadband Initiatives Act has been endorsed by the Communications Workers of America.

Speaking as someone who suffered with ISDN for years and just cut over to (my only real option) Comcast "business" service at $120/month (a significant savings) in order to get decent speed and some static IP addresses, I've just gone one question: "Palo Alto is rural, right?"


I'm glad that the Communication Workers of America have endorsed the plan, being experts on internet technologies and all.

This is a very important first step. There are a lot of other proposals for expanding high speed access on the CWA's Speed Matters website at http:///

Yeah, cry me a river FTTH town. Now Portola Valley -- that's rural!

I'll see your Portola Valley and raise you Saratoga foothills.

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