The black market in HOV stickers

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So, California had this great idea to incentivize hybrid vehicles: they would let you drive them in the HOV lane. It was a big pain since you had to get a toll pass transponder and fill out a some forms, but eventually they gave you some stickers you could put on your car so you wouldn't get pulled over. But in January the state stopped issuing the stickers, suddenly rendering them a lot more valuable. This has had two big side effects (aside from the fact that since I never got around to getting stickers for Mrs. Guesswork's Prius so I'm stuck in the slow lane with the rest of the proles.)
  1. Cars with HOV stickers now command a significant price premium on resale. This site claims it's $4K.
  2. People are stealing the stickers off cars.



Did they cap the number of stickers in order to keep the lanes suitably uncongested, or is the cap arbitrary? If the latter, they should start auctioning stickers!

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