Where to get a decent cheesesteak

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If you're a Chicago expat you complain about how you can't get decent pizza and if you're from Philadelphia you complain about how you can't get a decent cheesesteak. It's pretty hard to understand what the problem is here: you're frying thinly sliced meat, slapping on some American cheese and then putting it on a bun. Yet, for some reason whenever I've tried cheesesteaks at local places they've fallen rather short of Philly standards (this isn't just that things taste better in memory—I've been back to Philadelphia recently enough to have a reference point).

Anyway, some research turns up Jersey Joe's in San Carlos, which makes a pretty solid steak. Not the best I've ever had, but easily good enough to save a 5 hour flight to Philadelphia.


I frequently order and am disappointed by the cheesesteaks. However, I love the Cheese Steak Shop (http://www.cheesesteakshop.com/) which has locations all over the bay area. Make sure you get the onions, hot and sweet peppers.

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