Where to find the Internets in YVR

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Sitting in the YVR Maple Leaf Lounge this morning I reflexively looked for wireless access, but of course it way a pay hotspot. But on my way to the bathroom I noticed that they have a table with a bunch of chairs and Cat 5 cables attached. Plugging in, it turns out that there's quite workable—though a bit slow—Internet access. Worth knowing.


All Air Canada Maple Leaf (Star Alliance) lounges in Canada should have WiFi access for free on an ESSID of 'datavalet'. The service is provided by Bell Canada. Typically the US departure lounge in Vancouver has had terrible WiFi reliability, however the desk (as you noted) can work some of the time. Other times, the DHCP server is down. If you can scoop the default gateway (by observation) and netmask (likewise) you can 'self medicate' an IPv4 address that will work. I typically plug my Airport Express in under the desk and sit somewhere more comfortable. YMMV. Take the time to let them know the infrastructure is not working, tell them what is borken and they will fix it. They are fairly good about that in my experiences.

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