Skype voice stress analysis

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KishKish has released a Skype add-on that does voice stress analysis (VSA) (þ ITwire). The American Polygraph Association (not exactly an unbiased source) claims that VSA doesn't work, but let's say it does work. How hard is it to counteract? The high-tech way is to build a filter that removes the signal that the analyzer on the other end is looking for. This probably isn't that hard, especially since the developers of the filter can use a local copy of the analyzer as an oracle to figure out whether they've got it right or not. The low-tech way to do this is to run a local copy of the voice stress analyzer and use it as a biofeedback monitor to detect when the analyzer on the other end would think you were lying. Of course, if you're dealing with someone who is running voice stress analysis on your phone call, you might consider finding new people to talk to.


My guess is that a) this is pretty much snake-oil and b) even if it isn't, the highly variable latency quality of calls across an ad-hoc semi-P2P VoIP network like Skype, while tolerable to human ears, produce a ton of false positives as well as 'stress detection' failures.

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