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Last night, Mrs. Guesswork, Natasha, and I went looking for dinner in Vancouver. After an abortive attempt to get into Guu with Garlic (90 minute wait) we ended up at Simba's Grill. Pretty solid food with a sort of exotic taste. Highlights were Prawns Pili-Pili (barbecued (on a stick)) and Kuku Paka (chicken in a green coconut curry with a really unusual, subtle taste). Both came on rice, which was extremely well executed, fluffy and with a strong saffron taste. Fast, friendly service. Worth a shot.


Enjoy Vancouver. I assume you've eaten at Tojo's?

Ahh, Simba's. If you have time, and like meat (which, I presume you do because of Simba's -- unless you just ate from their sparsely populated salad bar), then try Memphis Blues. There's one on Commercial Drive and another on Broadway. Meat!

How long you in Vancouver for?

I'm a pretty big fan of Hapa Izakaya and Tinn's Gyoza King, also both on Robson. Izakaya-style restaurants are unfortunately non-existent in Alberta. Damn... I've got a craving now and Van is a solid 8 hr drive away.

Duane: another 50 minutes or so. I'm in the Maple Leaf Lounge at YVR now.

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