Christmas travel notes

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  • At 6:00 in the morning, it takes less than 10 minutes to get from Anza Parking to SFO Terminal 2
  • The elite security line is to the right of the stairwell/pillar as you enter SFO. Don't be fooled by the regular security line.
  • If you accidentally bring a Nalgene bottle of water through the security checkpoint, they make you go back outside the sterile zone to dump it out. Apparently the TSA is too busy collecting your personal information to install a bucket.1
  • If you fly at an inconvenient time when lots of people who aren't frequent travellers are also flying, you might get an OpUp, even if you're only 1P.
  • Don't believe Orbitz when they tell you that your car is reserved in some random non-airport location. Verify that that location is actually open on the day that you're picking up the car. Don't expect Orbitz customer service to actually do anything useful to solve your problem when it turns out that it isn't open.
  • The Semiahmoo Blenz outlet has free Internet if you buy something. The scones are pretty good, as is the dark chocolate hot chocolate. They also have power.

That is all.

1. Mrs. Guesswork points out that I could have just drunk the water. Would that I had thought of this at the time.


Wow, White Rock/South Surrey? Out of curiousity, what random non-airport location did you decide to rent your car from?

I took 6 flights in the week prior to Christmas and flying on Christmas was certainly the best.

The people are more polite. The lines are short. The upgrades are plentiful. The airlines give away free stuff. And the flights are less expensive.

Nothing makes me want to say, "Happy Christmas", like spending less on a ticket than the cost of my personal jet fuel. Even though someday someone will figure out that the uninternalized cost of the pollution from that jet flight should have doubled my cost. :)

Paul: Langley

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