What the Internet is really for

My paperwork record-keeping abilities ccould be charitably described as "suboptimal" or "limited." Ordinarily, I pay my bills on time (thanks Paytrust) so this is only a problem when I need to look at things more than a few months old—you can only imagine how much fun tax time is around here.

Anyway, one does occasionally have to check one's records, and today was one such day. I had a dispute with a vendor about whether a bill had been paid. Ordinarily, I'd be hosed but thanks to the Internet, I was able to look at my Paytrust history, verify the check had been written (4 months ago!), and then check my online bank statements and verify that the check had indeed been cashed. Mission accomplished! The only downside here is that banks and credit cards seem to only carry statements back a year or so, which can be inconvenient (taxes again). Disk space obviously isn't an issue here, so I'm guessing it's just a holdover from the old hierarchical retention policies they had (local paper, remote paper, microfilm, etc.) Hopefully policies will catch up with technology; my accountant sure would appreciate it.