Clif bar price discrimination

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Price of Clif bars at Safeway:
FlavorSize (oz)Priceprice/oz
Banana Nut Bread2.41.600.67
Black Cherry Almond2.41.600.67
Chocolate Chip2.41.690.70
Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch 2.4 1.60 0.67
Oatmeal Raisin Walnut 2.41.600.67
Peanut Butter2.41.600.67

One of these things is not like the other. It's true that chocolate chip really is better than the other flavors listed here, but one usually doesn't see this fine-grained pricing.


I don't find the chocolate chip better than the peanut butter; I'd have to say the reverse is true. None of the listed bars are better than the Cool Mint Chocolate. Yum.

A. I think that is a mistake. I've never seen that price difference anywhere else.

B. You should be buying your clif bars at Trader Joes, where they are 99 cents. $1.60 is nuts.

A. I've seen it at multiple safeways, though, so it appears to be in their central DB.

B. I normally do buy them at TJs, but I was riding through Woodside and needed something to eat, so had to bite the bullet.

There's a safeway in Woodside? How much is a clif bar at Roberts'?

I mentally mapped it as Woodside since I rode in from Woodside, but actually I was in San Mateo at
on Polhemus Rd and De Anza.

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