Sport Jelly Beans

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Your average energy gel (Gu, PowerGel, etc.) consists of very few important ingredients:
  • Some carbohydrate mix (typically maltodextrinM/A> and fructose).
  • Water
  • Flavoring.
  • Electrolytes
  • Some science nutrient blend (antioxidants, aminos, etc.)
  • Some stimulant (caffeine, ginseng, etc.)

It doesn't take a PhD in nutritions science to recognize that this isn't that different from candy. Jelly Belly has recognized this and has come out with Sport Beans--jelly beans allegedly designed for athletes. I've tried them and they're not bad. Based on the ingredient list it looks like they're pretty heavy on simple sugars. The research here isn't totally definitive but there is some data to suggest (and it's very widely believed) that maltodextrin is a better choice than sucrose or glucose.


I found them annoyingly salty. THey need to figure out how to encapsulate the salt. Also, a somewhat gritty texture.

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