Unibroue comes to Trader Joe's

When in Quebec I drink a fair amount of Unibroue (Lisa informs me it's pronounced Unibrew, not Unibrow). Anyway, I stopped by Trader Joe's today to buy some stuff and was just thinking that maybe they carried Unibroue when what do I find but Trader Joe's Vintage Ale. Big bottle? Check. Cork with wire twise? Check. High alcohol content? Check. "Dark Ale on Lees"? Check. Font looks like Unibroue's? Check. Look, here at the bottom it says it's "brewed by Unibroue". Needless to say, I bought two bottles. It's a very dark beer with a big head, velvety mouth feel, a sort of floral/fruity aftertaste, and that high alcohol kicker. I advise you to buy some. $4.99/bottle (13.5 ml alcohol/dollar).