Trail report: Lost Valley Trail

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Date hiked: June 16-18
Sections hiked: Escondido Camp to Higgins Camp
General condition: Difficult

The descent from Escondido to Arroyo Seco is clear with obvious tread. The river crossing is fine but getting back on the right trail afterwards is a bit tricky. The section from Escondido to the ridge line is in reasonably good shape with clear tread. Descending to Fish Camp, the trail gets increasingly overgrown and after Lost Valley Camp you have to push through brush about half the time. Both of us ended up with scratches all up and down our arms. Based on the rather complete spider webs on the trail, it looks like it's not getting much use. The trail improves a little bit between Pelon and Higgins, but it's not still fairly bad.


"...Both of us ended up with scratches all up and down our arms..."

You didn't carry long sleeve shirts to put on while bushwacking??

No, which was probably not that great an idea--though I've hiked this trail before with no problem. That said, it was 95+ outside....

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