Thank you MPAA

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As I discovered today while sitting down to watch Transporter 2, the MPAA has decided to subject us to some free propaganda about how downloading movies is stealing. Better yet, they've marked the stop key (and fast forward, etc.) a user prohibited operation, so you can't skip past it. On the other hand, I did borrow the movie from a friend, which would probably be illegal if they had their way.


The ability to kill the stop and fast forward functions is going to be too much temptation for people putting out DVDs--it's just too appealing to *make* your customers watch some commercials, propoganda, public service announcements, etc. Over time, the movie studios, governments, activist groups, and (most importantly) salesmen trying to sell ads will not be able to resist the temptation to force feed their customers more and more stuff.

One effect of this is going to be to produce an incentive to buy the pirated DVDs, just to avoid the 15 minutes of mandatory commercials before you're permitted to watch the movie. Another is going to be to eliminate a lot of the value of having things on DVD.

I don't buy pirated DVDs or download them online, but I do rip every DVD I buy (mostly kiddie movies) and re-burn them just so I can actually use stop/fast forward. There's nothing more annoying than having to try and explain to a 3 year old why Nemo isn't playing yet, and that you have to wait while the FBI notice and "don't download things, you criminal" notices are being displayed. And then having to sit through the can't-skip-it ads for other Disney movies... A quick Handbrake/iDVD job later, and I've got a DVD which lets you use start straight into the movie when you insert the DVD, and then use all the buttons on your remote any time you want to.

btw, looking back to the previous EG post you reference, looks like you have something of a comment spam problem.

I have an old comment spam problem that I believe I have fixed in new posts.

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