You must be this tall to use the Internet

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Due to the apparently extreme danger of teenagers actually being able to talk to adults without some Fed present, Pennsylvania Rep. Michael G. Fitzpatrick wants to ban them entirely from social networking sites.
A Pennsylvania congressman has introduced legislation that would ban minors from accessing social networking websites such as MySpace, and forbid libraries from making such access available.

The bill, known as the "Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006," was introduced Wednesday in the House by Michael G. Fitzpatrick (R-Penn), a first-term representative. The bill has also been labeled as H.R. 5319, a Fitzpatrick representative said Thursday.

However, the bill uses extremely broad language to define a "social networking" site, which would theoretically eliminate several Ziff-Davis websites, as well as other highly-trafficked Web sites across the Internet.

"Sites like Myspace and Facebook have opened the door to a new online community of social networks between friends, students and colleagues," Fitzpatrick said in a statement posted to his web site. "However, this new technology has become a feeding ground for child predators that use these sites as just another way to do our children harm."

Most likely this won't go anywhere, but that doesn't mean it's not worth making fun of....

I'm sure the language is overbroad, but it's pretty hard to see how one would define "social networking" in a way that didn't basically include any interactive site. That's OK, I'm sure that there's no legitimate reason for people under 25 to use the Internet.


This congresscritter has his law turned upside down. To protect minors from predators online, the clearly most important thing to do is to keep *adults* off he social-networking sites.

Or, per Colbert: "If you want to reduce crime, just stopping passing all these laws, since then all this stuff just won't be illegal".

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