Contrarianism on commercial skipping

Randall Stross writes about the TV industry's desire to make you watch commercials:
But limiting remote controls is a possibility that could be realized in a new technical standard M.H.P., for multimedia home standard that the television industry is contemplating for the future. Neither broadcasters nor television manufacturers, whose joint cooperation would be necessary, have yet to adopt the standard. If the television industry embraced M.H.P., broadcasters could insert special signals to immobilize the remote control during commercials. If this came to pass, Mr. Peters said the Philips technology would "give consumers the freedom of choice" "freedom" defined as exercising the option to pay a fee in order to regain the use of the remote control.

I hate commercials as much as anyone, but look on the bright side: forget about the remote control. If your DVR is able to let you pay in order to skip commercials, it's just as able to skip them for you automatically. Obviously, I'd prefer to have free TV without commercials, but since the commercials are what subsidize the program, we can't all do that because then commercials are worthless (Well, mostly. There are two other major alternative models here: embedded advertising/product placement and low-quality versions that push sales of the full product). Certainly, having the choice of watching the commercials or paying not to is better than you had before the VCR when you just had to watch the commercials. And of course if you don't want to watch TV, nobody is making you.