Ersatz Irish Pubs

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Slate has a really interesting article about the Irish Pub Company which manufactures and installs prefab Irish pubs:
IPCo's designers claim to have "developed ways of re-creating Irish pubs which would be successful, culturally and commercially, anywhere in the world." To wit, they offer five basic styles: The "Country Cottage," with its timber beams and stone floors, is supposed to resemble a rural house that gradually became a commercial establishment. The "Gaelic" design features rough-hewn doors and murals based on Irish folklore. You might, instead, choose the "Traditional Pub Shop," which includes a fake store (like an apothecary), or the "Brewery" style, which includes empty casks and other brewery detritus, or "Victorian Dublin," an upscale stained-glass joint. IPCo will assemble your chosen pub in Ireland. Then they'll bring the whole thing to your space and set it up. All you have to do is some basic prep, and voilĂ ! Ireland arrives in Dubai. (IPCo has built several pubs and a mock village there.)

I wonder if I have room to have have one of these installed in my house.


Sounds like they need to diversify. Coming soon--IPCo's authentic prefab Middle Eastern opium den, in five styles: Marrakesh Casbah, Old Cairo, Alleys of Istanbul, Tabriz Carpet-Shop and Imperial Lahore. Guaranteed to succeed, culturally and commercially, anywhere in the world....

I have actually visited Paddy Foley's in Tokyo (which they claim is one of theirs). It's not bad and by Tokyo standards feels pretty Irish.

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