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Mrs. Guesswork and I walked through the Canmore Museum today and spent some time watching their video on "Voices of Canmore". One of the major themes was how Canmore was changing from a sleepy mining community into more of a tourist center and how unhappy a lot of the older residents were about it. In my experience it's fairly unusual that a town wants to present itself that way in an attraction that's at least partly targetted at tourists. One of those interviewed expressed the concern would get built up like Banff. Two things are weird about this, at least for an American. First, Canmore is actually about 50% bigger than Banff in terms of population (though perhaps less touristy). Second, Canmore's population is about 15,000. Palo Alto's population is over 60,000.

Obligatory reference to Canadian Cult Classic (Highway 61): "I knew right away you were from the big city." "The big city?" "Thunder Bay." [Population 109,016]. (from memory, so no guarantees about transcription accuracy).


Actually, I'd have guessed that the upscale tourists visiting just about any upscale resort (and "authentic wilderness" resorts are often among the most upscale) love to hear all about how the locals don't want the magnificent, pristine beauty of their home turf overrun with grimy (i.e., downscale) tourists. It's really just another way for a resort to parade its exclusivity: "folks around here are hard to please, and don't like outsiders--topnotch people like you excepted, of course."

Your comments about the Canmore Museum are most welcome. Being a volunteer for that organization, I value constructive feedback and criticism.

I hope you had a look at our geoscience section located in the back of the museum. Perhaps not evident to the casual visitor to the museum are our extensive programming efforts for young school children and teenagers. We also organize speaker series to help generate interest in the local geology.

p.s: A new exhibit is about to start in April. 'Bud', a life-size Buffalo will be the main attraction for part 1 of that exhibit.

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