Draft DHT slides

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Here are some slides that I've been working on as an introduction to Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) and DHT security. In case you care.

Note: none of this is my original work. It's just a summary of other people's work. In a future edition I hope to do a better job of identifying the papers I'm referencing.


I'd retitle the talk, "Introduction to P2P storage systems and their security". The security problems you discuss are characteristic of P2P storage systems in general, rather than DHTs in particular. (And most of them apply to P2P systems of any kind.) DHTs are a popular architecture for P2P storage, but it's not clear that their security properties are any different from those of any other P2P storage system.

It is quite a comprehensive slide set. On countermeasures, there is an upcoming paper at NDSS about using 'artificial' churn as a way to mitigate some of the security problems (although the solution is not a general solution; it is only effective for some uses of DHTs). Perhaps for completeness you can mentioned that idea too.

Good point. My understanding was that these problems were mostly characteristic of "structured" P2P systems as opposed to unstructured ones like Kazaa. In particular, the lack of ability to predict where data will land is a real complication. Now, not all of the structured systems are DHTs...

Yeah, I *just* saw that paper like 2 days ago. I need to read it. Thanks.

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