A proud and noble animal

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Right now the beginning of this Wikipedia article on beavers (screen shot here) reads:
Beavers explosively attack people with their menacing teeth. They are the most deadly animals alive.

Who says you can't trust Wikipedia?


Ha! Everyone knows rabbits are the most deadly animals alive....

Is this post all in fun? My fullest answer as to why such an example is unimportant is found here and here. The reason I get so defensive about posts like yours (Yes, I should just get over it! No, I don't have anything to do with Wikipedia, I'm just an interested observer) is found here.

I hope you might consider reading those posts. I enjoy your blog; your comments and criticism would be welcome on mine.

The lack of ACCOUNTABILITY is a killer on Wikipedia. This is just a classic example, where a pseudonomous yahoo can make an arbitrary changed.

And dan's right. It's white bunnies with razor sharp pointy teeth! No accountability.

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