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Yesterday KQED's forum ran a panel about Intelligent Design with Casey Luskin from the Discovery Institute, Nick Matzke from the National Center for Science of Education, and Vikram Amar from UC Hastings College of Law. For some reason, they've decided to run with a format that allows the panel participant, which allows Luskin to spin madly, repeating all the usual ID talking points.

About 3/4 of the way through, Matzke really nails Luskin, saying that he believes chimpanzees and humans were independently created, and then Krasney reads him a bunch of objections from e-mail. Luskin works the ref a bit, claiming that he's not getting a fair hearing, and Krasney backs it off to a question about whether the IDers have published peer reviewed paper, which lets Luskin muddy the waters a bit--revealing an obvious weakness in the long monologue format.

The best part, though, is when Luskin claims that there's a "systematic misinformation campaign" against Intelligent Design.

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