Why Sony's DRM is good for you

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Ed Felten has been busy ably documenting the Sony DRM rootkit and the even bigger debacle that is their uninstaller. Now, it's true that DRM is inherently problematic to write, but there's no reason why it had to be as clumsy and intrusive as Sony's is. Now, this is obviously bad news if you've got this stuff on your computer, but it's potentially good news for the world at large. In general, the public has trouble getting worked up about DRM or even the more aggressive anti-copying measures the content providers want to use. But something this offensive has the potential to get ordinary users annoyed, so this incident may turn out to be a net win.

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Isn't any situation where a security flaw is discovered and then fixed a net win?

Actually, that's a topic of pretty substantial debate in the security economics community. but I'm saying that in this case the *creation* of that flaw may have been a net win....

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