So much for Caller-ID

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It's of course well-known that Caller-ID (and its friend ANI) are untrustworthy with VoIP but I got a dramatic demonstration of that the other day. A friend called me with Skype and the number showed up as 0000123456. Nice work, Skype!

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I experienced my first telephone phishing attack a couple of weeks ago, at work. The caller claimed to be from American Express, and left a message giving an 800 number to call to "verify some information". Of course, the number they left had nothing to do with American Express. However, the number that showed up on caller ID was American Express' customer service number in Utah. Lack of accountability strikes again....

"are untrustworthy with VoIP" - dude, you got it all wrong the problem is not VoIP, the problem is that CLID is not secure in the PSTN.

It's absolutely true that the security problem is in the PSTN. However, the rate of attack in the PSTN is fairly low, so the accuracy of CLID is semi-reasonable. OTOH, it appears that Skype routinely generates bogus CLID info....

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