I love trailers, but...

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One of the minor annoyances of the DVD format is that the studios love to disable the menu/fast forward buttons to force you to sit through things they want you to watch. (This is called a User Operation Prohibited (UOP)). I'd just about gotten used to having to wait for the FBI warning when they raised the bar. The Hulk DVD disables it during the trailers as well.

I'm given to understand that there are DVD players which let you bypass these overrides, but so far I've been too lazy to research which ones they were. I think that's about to change.

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I seem to recall DVDs where you can't ff through the THX promo.

"The audience is listening, damnit!"

There are often keypress combinations that allow you to bypass
them, even if pressing menu does not. On one system I owned, for example, you could pause a trailer, then press menu to get out; on another you could fast forward by chapters (which does force you to press the button once for each trailer).

Check out the items available at:


Use a Windows computer as a DVD player. Copy the files off the DVD onto the hard disk with DVD Decrypter. Run FreeDVD to turn off UOPs, Macrovision, etc.

Or if that's not convenient, transcode the files with DVDShrink and burn an unencrypted, unprotected DVD+R to play in your existing setup.

Try using the chapter buttons. On my [1]dvd player, I can't hit the menu buttons or ff, but I can hit the next chapter button and that skips past FBI, trailers, etc, till the menu starts.

1. http://tinyurl.com/chm34 [bestbuy.com]

This evil practice is much more common on kids video's that adult DVDs. Remind me about fair use and DeCSS :-) Uh, no I did not mean that type of Adult DVD.

Use xine on Linux, which doesn't implement such "features." Run the DVD from your optical drive. When you get the "splash screen," hit the key to go to the main menu.

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