Defining connectivity up

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I remember when your average standards meeting didn't have any Internet connectivity at all. This week I'm at the IEEE 1609.1 meeting in Albany, NY. They have wireless but are people happy? No.... They're too busy complaining that a bunch of ports (Jabber/SSL [5223], POP3S [1995], ...) are blocked.

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Isn't this the reason why you leave an SSH server running on port 443 somewhere? Port forwarding is your friend...

Though personally I would sometimes welcome an excuse to not be checking email.

Actually, SSH is unblocked, so I'm quite able to get out. Some of the other attendees don't seem to have it.

In principle running an sshd on port 443 isn't enough, since it's easy to distinguish ssh from ssl at the firewall or HTTP proxy. Of course, if you find yourself in an environment where TPTB are doing that, that's probably a clue that they don't want you to be sshing anyway.

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