The Peltre-Thormann Report

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I've managed to obtain a copy of the Peltre-Thormann report that WADA commissioned on the effectiveness of EPO testing. There is a lot of concern about the quality of the test but not much that casts doubt on positive results:
  • There weren't any reports of false positives. (This paper was written before the Beke case.)
  • The false negative rate appears to be unacceptably high, though they don't provide a specific number.
  • The test is incredibly expensive: €400-600 and time consuming--36 hours of lab time.
  • The test is extremely complicated so there is a lot of room for errors.
  • The different labs are all using slightly different procedures. This needs to be standardized.
  • More information needs to be collected on the longitudinal EPO profiles of specific athletes to get a clearer picture of what the real test results look like. This seems particularly important in light of the results with Beke.

Unless I'm missing something important, there's nothing really damning here. It's not clear to me why WADA remove it from there web site.

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if the test is extremely complicated and there is a lot of room for errors, wouldn't it be right to assume that there is a lot of room for false positives?

Absolutely... There's just no actual evidence of them.

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