The FCC on wiretapping and VoIP

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The FCC has issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that CALEA applies to ISPs, meaning that they'll be required to enable "lawful intercept" (i.e., wiretapping). As I read things, the writeup, this only applies to "interconnected VoIP providers", those which connect to the PSTN. That's good from a complexity perspective since calls that are VoIP terminated on both ends sometimes use end-to-end encryption, which can't be easily tapped by the provider. (See here for my writeup of the VoIP wiretapping options).

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What do you think of H.R.3503 (the Email Privacy Act) and it's associated Senate version? At least one large software company rattled the saber about this bill this week.

And I assume you know that the APA allows you to make comments on this proposal to the FCC and they must take them into consideration before finalizing policy. In this case, you should also be able to force a hearing.

Failure to seriously consider comments or to grant a hearing, in the case of limited stakeholders, is cause for immediate relief.

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