Clear Registered Traveler

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I've gotten interested in the Clear Registered Traveler program, which lets you shortcut a lot of airport security provided that you pass a bunch of pre-screening. If any EG reader has signed up for this and is willing to talk about, please drop me an e-mail.

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I did notice one thing immediately upon visiting their website: my browser didn't recognize the Verisign key used to sign their certificate.

I have signed up for it and used it several times. It is GREAT and well worth the minor cost. They do a background check and scan your finger and iris prints. You get a card with an embedded chip. When you get to the airport, there is no line to get into security (normal lines can get horrific in Orlando). You go to the Clear kiosk, enter your card and scan a fingerprint. Then you are escorted to the front of the xray line. You still have to xray any bags and go thru the metal detector.
For the business traveler, this is SO great, to get thru security in about 2 minutes!

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