Bringing in an expert

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We were requested by the District Attoryney of one of the Lake States to recover a body that, according to an informant, had been cast into a well about ten years earlier. ... They [the news media] were fascinated by this spectacle for several reasons. First, the District Attorney (DA) had called in expert help (an expert being defined here as someone from more than 100 miles away).

From L.J. Levine, H.R. Campbell, Jr., and J.S. Rhine, Perpendicular Forensic Archaeology, in Human Identifiction: Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology, T.A. Rathburn (ed) and J.E. Buikstra (ed).

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That's an unorthodox definition. I always understood an expert to be someone from over 100 miles away who carries a briefcase.

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