A basement?

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Brad DeLong writes:
Let me say that Michael Kinsley has just become the only person I know who lives and works in the west-coast earthquake zone who claims that he has not "given much thought to the risk of a big earthquake along the west coast."

The rest of us all have our out-of-the-area emergency contact phone numbers--people far away to call and coordinate information. We have our water, our bandages, and our splints stored in the basement. We have our bookcases bolted to the wall. We try to remember to keep our cars relatively gassed up. And we have all thought that if something really bad happens to LA, we in San Francisco will have to mobilize for the first three days--and vice versa. God knows we can't expect anything constructive from Bush's White House, or Chertoff's Homeland Security, or Brown's FEMA.

Well, it's true that I do have a fair amount of disaster preparedness kit, but Brad DeLong is the only person on the West Coast I know who keeps that stuff in the basement.... actually, the only one I know with a basement.

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It's not really a basement. It's a crawl space. The house is a hill-climber, so it's under the second floor where the rest of the first floor would be if we had a rest of the first floor...

I used to have a basement, back when I rented a 7700 sq. ft. house in Los Altos Hills with 8 roommates. The basement was approximately 3000 of those square feet. The house, though, was also a hill-climber.

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