OQO first look

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I was at a party yesterday and met someone who works for OQO, so I got a chance to look at the device. It's a pretty impressive piece of engineering, but ultimately something I don't think I'm interested in. Physically it's about the size of your average airport novel and weighs just under a pound. This doesn't sound like much, but in person it's a lot bigger than I'd want to carry around in my pocket (even my Treo 600, weighing in at less than half the weight, feels like a brick in my pocket half the time.) And once your into the business of having to carry it around in a bag, then the one of the more capable ultralite laptops starts to look pretty attractive as an alternative, since you can get serious work done on one of those.

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Need I say it: gumstix: 80mmx20mmx6mm weighs 8g. No screen of course (unless you add your own) but who needs a screen?

The new Razorberry is still too big, but much lighter than a Treo 650. If they only made it a little more narrow!

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